Monday, September 22, 2014

How to bond with your Netherland dwarf

Bonding with your Netherland dwarf rabbits is so easy; you can begin the steps today!

You’re very frustrated that you’re having a problem to bond with your bunny. Who doesn’t? Bunny is companion pets and yet your bunny seems worried having you around. Fortunately, bonding with your rabbits is easy.

dwarf rabbits
It is easy to bond with your Netherland dwarf

The idea is to slowly build trust. Bunny, not matter what breeds, is prey animals in their nature environment. This makes them less confident and worried having a predator like human around them. But by building trust, you can bond with your rabbits without much hassle.

Building trust to bond with your bunny
There are several steps to follow if you want your bunny to feel more confident having you around.

Do not go to her – instead, let the bunny come to you. If you notice that your bunny try to avoid being close to you, just let him be. Your bunny will eventually get curious about your existent and he will come to you himself just to check you out. When he does, that is the right time to let him feel comfortable having you around.

Give him foods – Pets, not matter what kind of animals it is, love a treat. Some rabbits are less likely to run away when you pet them during their meal. This is a great way to make your bunny feel confident about you petting him.

  • If your bunny aren’t willing to take the treat from your hand, or run away when you try to pet him during his meal:
  • At first put some treat in a bowl. The bowl considered as a safe place for the bunny. Lets the bunny eat the treat and discover how delicious the treat is.
  • Only after the bunny learn that the treat is hard to resist that you start to try to give the treat to him by using spoon.
  • As your bunny feel comfortable, move your hand further down the spoon a little bit every day until your hand reach the treat.

Make yourself look shorter – by lying on the ground so you will look less scary to your bunny. As mentioned early, bunny are hunted animals and you need to show him that you’re not a big and scary predator. This will make your bunny feel confident to come near you.

Talk to your bunny – Whenever your bunny seems to feel calm, try to talk to him. This will make your bunny feel more confident, safe and comfortable hearing your voice. Simply sit beside him and talk to him will eventually cause the rabbit to learn that your voice cause no harm to him.
If you’re not good at talking just read him a book

Watching him – Watching your rabbit, without interacting with him, can have a major boost in your effort to bond with your bunny. By watching the rabbit, you will learn more about him such as his favorite toys, his reaction to certain sounds and a lot more. This info will obviously help you to bond with your bunny.

Other than that, watching your bunny can make your bunny know that your presence is harmless.

Things that you need to be aware of when bonding with your Netherland dwarf rabbits

  • When your bunny arrives at your house for the first time, he is in a lot of stress. The long journey from shelter or pet shop to your home can cause a lot of stress to the bunny. Your bunny need time to get comfortable with his new environment.
  • Take it slowly. Remember that you, as a human are considered predator and rabbit are prey. It is pretty hard for a prey to trust and feel safe around predator. Just put yourself in your bunny shoes, will you feel safe and confident if a lion try to be friend with you?
  • Bunny is sensitive to smell, changing deodorant or simply being around other animals can change how you smell to your bunny. Maintaining how you smell when you’re around your bunny can make him feel like he “know” your smell, therefore, make him feel safe.

Start applying these tips today and don’t forget to share it with your friends on Face book and twitter! Or you can also share your own tips on bonding with your Netherland dwarf rabbits on the comment section below.


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