Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What you can do to reduce your dwarf rabbit aggressive behavior

You purchase the rabbit from a prestigious breeder since the time it was old enough to leave it's mom and treat your rabbit like a V.I.P, yet your Netherland dwarf bunny seem to have something against humanity. It bite, hit you with it's paws, attack your other pets or even growl.

So what exactly wrong with your dwarf rabbit? what can you do to get rid of those aggressive behavior?

First of all, let us see the world from a dwarf rabbit's point of view. Remember, in their natural habitat, rabbits are the hunted animals. Everything are extremely huge from their view, this make your dwarf bunny feel a little vulnerable and insecure.

So I think it is kind of normal for your dwarf rabbit to behave the way it did when we consider the situation that they encounter in their daily life.

However, there are several things that you, as a owner can do to reduce the aggressive trait :

  1. Get them spayed

    Rabbits are known to turn aggressive when they are old enough for breeding. Getting them spayed can reduce their aggressive behavior a lot. Non-spayed female rabbits can be so territorial and aggressive due to their hormones. Spaying your rabbit can also reduce the chance of uterine and ovarian cancer which is pretty common among non-spayed rabbits.

  1. Let your rabbit approach you

    Another thing to do when dealing with aggressive rabbit behavior is to wait for your rabbit to approach you . Wait on the floor with some food ready and let your rabbit explore the environment. Your rabbit might eventually try to “explore” you, and this is the time for you to show your rabbit that you are it's friend by offering some food.

  1. Don't change anything around your house

    Rabbit love to explore, changing things around your home will make your bunny feel the need to explore the environment all over again which mean they have less time to approach you. Besides, bunnies are more likely to feel calm and safe when their surrounding areas are the same.

Most peoples are giving up too early when it come to dealing with aggressive dwarf rabbits. Some even send their bunny to animals shelter, due to lack of info about dealing with this kind of rabbit's behavior. If you own an aggressive rabbit before and manage to reduce it aggression, feel welcome to share your experience below.

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  1. My rabbit will head but my legs and bite and she will also sit cuddled up with me she is a right jeckle and Hyde she is 3 and as been spayed
    But very territorial .love her too much would never 're home her but she is getting worse instead of better