Friday, March 30, 2012

How big do Netherland dwarf bunnies get?

Today I'm going to write about the size of fully grown Netherland dwarf rabbits which many people want to know before they continue with their decision to adopt this rabbit.

I'm not so surprise when I find out Netherland dwarf rabbit popularity had increase during the pass several years. The fact that this rabbit breed are so small had make it easier for them to be adorable and that why most people are looking forward to have them as a pet.

However, many people who had consider to have dwarf rabbit as part of their family are afraid that the bunny might end up growing larger and loose it cuteness, which is pretty much the reasons why they would love to have this rabbit as family pet at the first place.

If you happen to be one of those people, don’t worry, there is a reason why they called it a “dwarf bunny”. Unlike regular size rabbit breed, dwarf bunnies are usually pretty small even when they've fully grown,. Which exactly where the term “dwarf rabbit” is came from.

Most Netherland dwarf have a size of 2-3in. and weight around 0.5-1.6kg

Here is some fact about the size of Netherlands dwarf rabbit for your reference:

Size : around 2 - 3 In.

Weight : around 500g – 1.6kg

Ideal weight for show : Under 1kg

As you can see, the size had been one of the reasons peoples are so eager to adopt this rabbit into they family. If you would like to have a cute animals as a pet and want it to stay that way, than Netherland dwarf rabbit is the best choice for you.

It is more fun to have a rabbit when many of your friends have it too. If you and your friends are thinking about adopting a rabbit, feel free to share this on Facebook or Twitter using the share buttons bellow.

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