Monday, April 16, 2012

How to tell if your rabbit is a Netherland dwarf?

Not everybody plan to have a pet. Some people do plan to have a rabbit but didn't exactly plan to have a Netherland dwarf. At the time they have the rabbit, they don't even know what type of rabbit they have. All they know about their pet is it is the most adorable little thing the ever see and it is a rabbit.

Nevertheless, there will be a time where you just want to know if your rabbit is a Netherland dwarf. It just come out of your curiosity, you just need to know. What's more, knowing your rabbit's breed can help you to take care of your bunny more properly.

So, the size of your rabbit is small enough to considered as a dwarf rabbit, but there is a few type of small rabbit out there. How do you if your rabbit is a Netherland dwarf? Maybe it just a domestic rabbit that look small? Or maybe it is a Mini lops?

Luckily, there is something that you can do to find out whether your bunny is a Netherland dwarf rabbit. You can tell by observing the size of the rabbit. Netherland dwarf are known as one of the smallest rabbit breeds. They also known for their short ears, most of the Netherland dwarf rabbits only weight around 500g to 1.6kg while their size are only around 2 to 3 In.

However, it is better to get some expert to conform your rabbit's breeds. Since we are not an expert, our observation aren't as good as those people who actually work with rabbits in their daily life. Beside that, you might also get yourself some tips about taking care of your rabbit. A tips from an expert will always be valuable to pet owner like you.

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