Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are you giving your dwarf rabbit a proper diet? find out more

One of the most important aspects in taking care of Netherland dwarf rabbits is their diet. Most of the time, dwarf rabbits care are not so different compared to other breeds. But when it come to their diet, dwarf rabbit will need a special diet plan due to their small size. A little too much of food might cause health problem, which we, the owners want to prevent.

So, are your dwarf rabbit get the proper diet it deserve?

  1. high in carbohydrates treat is definitely a no-no

    Most of the time, peoples would love to give their pets a little treat, especially when the pet are doing something right. However, for dwarf rabbit, treat such as potatoes and breads which is high in carbohydrates could cause them to get diarrhea due to their sensitive digestion system.

  2. Small bowl of food is enough

    If you feed your dwarf rabbit with a large bowl full of food, than you are doing it wrong. Stop treating your dwarf rabbit like a cat/dog. Netherland dwarf rabbits only require small amount of dry rabbit mix, but they need a huge amount of fresh hay in their diet.

  3. A lot of fresh water

    Fresh water play a major part in their diet. Make sure you supply your rabbit with a lot of water.

  4. Feeding your rabbits fresh fruit and vegetables

    Only feed your rabbit a small amount of fruit or vegetables. As mentioned above, Netherland dwarf rabbits have a sensitive digestion system and only require small amount of food, plus some fruits are known to be high in sugar, too many sugar in their diet might lead to health problem.

To make it short, these are the key point

  • Netherland dwarf rabbit require small amount of fruits/vegetables/dry rabbit mix

  • Dwarf rabbit need a lot of fresh hay and water in their diet

  • You'll need to watch the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in their diet

Owning a Netherland dwarf rabbit require big responsibility and commitment especially when it come to their diet. Some owner might fail to feed their dwarf bunny properly due to lack of knowledge about dwarf rabbit dietary. Did your rabbit get a proper diet?

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