Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Netherland dwarf rabbits

Netherland dwarf rabbit is a very small rabbit which originally came from Netherland. Unlike many other breed of rabbits, it only weight about 1 or 2 kg and very suitable to be adopt as a pet. The size of this type of rabbits is about 5 inch. Because of it size, Netherland dwarf rabbits is rarely been use as a source of meat or fur.

Netherland dwarf rabbits come in so many different colors such as black, chocolate, smoke pearl, blue and many more. They had a small ear and their face is short and round which is the reason why they look cute.

This type of rabbits is produced for the first time in Netherland during the early of 20th century. Small polish rabbit and wild rabbits are bred for several generations and as a result, a very small rabbits that come with various choices of colors and pattern was born. Netherland dwarf rabbits had become one of the most popular choices of pet; it had been exported to some countries and also accepted by American Rabbit Breeders' Association.

Netherland dwarf rabbits have a sensitive digestion system just like other type of rabbits. Too many leafy vegetables in their diet could lead to health problem. Some of the fruits and vegetables they can eat are carrots and bananas. Too much protein is bad for their diet since it will cause damage to their internal organs.

Unlike normal type of rabbits, Netherland dwarf rabbits are a lot more active and energetic. They are full of curiosity and sometimes will bite any objects or human near them. However, as cute as they look, Netherland dwarf rabbits are not a suitable pet for a child since they are easily stressed and frightened.

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