Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home for Netherland dwarf rabbits

Providing home for your Netherland dwarf rabbits can be quite a challenging task sometime. We want to make sure our bunnies are comfortable and happy with their home. Below are some of the important factors that could make your bunnies feel comfortable in their home.

It is important to know that it is much better for your Netherland dwarf rabbits to have a bigger home.

If you’re thinking that Netherland dwarf rabbits didn’t need a big home because of their size, you’re wrong.

The bigger their home is the better. Despite their small size, dwarf rabbits are energetic and love to jump and run around

Rabbits also need something to entertain them when they’re confined

The size of the cage should be 4 times bigger than the size of your rabbits

Just like us, our Netherland dwarf rabbits deserve to have a comfortable place to call home. A nice home can make a rabbits feel happier and appreciated.

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