Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Basic thing to know about rabbits

As someone who own Netherland dwarf rabbits or plan to have one, it might be crucial for you to learn a little something about rabbits. Rabbits are very loving and adorable pets, but without particular care, you might accidently hurt the rabbit physically or emotionally.

It is always good for someone who plans to have a pet to learn a little bit about the pet they plan to keep. If you’re planning to have Netherland dwarf rabbits as a pet, a little bit more knowledge about rabbits might be able to help you to be a better owner.

So, what’s some of the basics things you should understand about rabbits?

The very basic thing for you to understand is rabbits will feel more comfortable while they are on the ground, which mean it is a bad idea for you to hold/pick them up not matter how cute or lovely your rabbits are. Some people love to cuddle their rabbits; this is not really good for them since they’re more likely going to feel very uneasy and scared every time they’re lifted off the ground. This is something that must be remembered by anyone who plans to own a rabbits and this info might be useful for some who plan to have Netherland dwarf rabbits too.

But the rabbits are extremely cute and I can’t resist petting them, what can I do?

You can gently pet them; the only thing to remember is they love to stay on the ground. Sit beside your rabbits to kindly pet them and do not lift them in your lap. Bunnies love the attention that you give to them; they just don’t like to be lifted up. Additionally, it might be good for you to tell your kids or family member about this if you plan to get them Netherland dwarf rabbits.

Owning Netherland dwarf rabbits or any other kind of rabbits is fun but it also come with responsibility. Learning a few basic things before having a pets can helps you become a better pet owner.

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  1. i have to say that i have two Netherland Dwarfs and they love to be picked up. When i am laying in bed they come up to the bed and stretch upwards on the side of the bed, wanting up. So i pick them up and when i put them back down on the bed, they run right back to me. So it just depends on your rabbits personality. I got lucky i guess. Another thing is, is that it depends on how the owner is. If the owner is naturally aggressive or has an aggressive tone, they WILL NOT want to be very social with you and will always run from you.