Monday, January 19, 2009

What is your rabbit's name? Teach your rabbit

Just like other type of rabbits, Netherland dwarf rabbits are a popular choice of pet. Usually, rabbits are kept in the hutch. But nowadays, many rabbits owner prefer to keep their pet inside the house to ensure the safety of their pet and to build a close relationship with their beloved pet.

If you’re the owner of Netherland dwarf rabbits or other type of rabbits, it would be really fun to be able to teach your rabbits it own name. So how do we teach a rabbit to respond every time we call it name? Here is the trick.

First of all you’ll some of your rabbit’s favorite food. The idea is to call your rabbit name each time you’re feeding your rabbit. Call it name clearly and do this over and over again. Eventually, you rabbit will come right to you every time you call it name because your rabbit will think that you’re going to give it some food.

Not matter if you are the owner of Netherland dwarf rabbits or any other type of bunnies. It is always fun to have a rabbit as a pet. Just like many other type of pet, rabbits are also intelligent can be trained too.

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