Thursday, January 15, 2009

Litter train your rabbits

Doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of Netherland dwarf rabbits or other rabbits breed, you’ll be agreed that it is pretty important to litter train your pets. It might take up to a few weeks for your rabbits to be trained to use a litter box that you had provided to them. Don’t worry, it quite easy actually, here is how.

What you will have to do is take some of the pebbles and put them in the litter box. Then, place your rabbit in the litter box and command your rabbit to litter. Praise your rabbit if it litter in the box. (Don’t give a treat to your bunny, just scratch it nose or say “good your rabbit’s name here”). If you rabbit jump out of the box instead of littering, it’s ok. Let it be for about 10 minutes and start train your bunny again.

Before you litter train your bunny, do make sure that you have a proper hutch for your rabbit. Make sure your rabbits didn’t have to live and litter in the same area.

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