Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things you should think about when making a rabbit hutch plans

Every rabbit’s owner wants their bunnies to be loving and happy. Beside proper care and precise diet, your bunnies also need a convenience home to stay. Designing a proper rabbit hutch plans is also crucial to make sure you bunnies are happy and healthy.

So what are the things that we need to consider in order to draw a proper rabbit hutch plans for our bunnies? Here are few tips.

You know what peoples said “size matter”
It is always better for you to design a bigger hutch for your bunnies. Just like human being, rabbits also need some space. If you look around the internet, some rabbit hutch even have a second floor.

Bunnies love to run, jump and view the world
Bunnies need to see the world around them to feel happy and safe. They also love to jump and run too, that is why a rabbit hutch is never complete without a run area.

Before drawing your rabbit hutch plans, you also need to consider your rabbit’s height too, as you already know, rabbits jump.

Daily exercise is important for your bunnies. Your bunnies need to run, jump and be a part of the environment around them. Treat your bunnies with love and do put some extra effort in designing a rabbit hutch plans for your bunnies so your bunnies will feel comfort at their home.

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