Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to make your bunny happy

In the last post, we had talk about how to know if your bunnies are happy. Today’s post we will talk about how to make them happy. To all the peoples who have Netherland dwarf rabbits, again pay close attention. You might find this info vital for your bunnies too.

Basically, as an owner of Netherland dwarf rabbits or any other type of rabbits we have to fulfill all of our bunny’s need in order to make them happy. Beside food and attention, bunnies will also need other kind of stuff such as a comfortable hutch and an entertainment to be a really happy bunny.

How to make your bunny happy #1
A bunny can always use a bigger hutch. Bunny needs space to jump and run around. A bigger hutch is always better for you rabbits. During the process of designing your rabbit hutch plans, the size of your hutch is part of the important things that you should pay your attention to.

How to make your bunny happy #2
Chew toys. If you own a Netherland dwarf rabbits or any other type of rabbits, you probably know that rabbits love to chew. Giving them something to chew will helps make them happy (you must give them something safe for them to chew otherwise they will chew others household stuff). Some of the “toys” that you might consider giving to your rabbits for them to chew is paper towel rolls.

It will take some afford for anyone who own a Netherland dwarf rabbits or any rabbits breed to make their bunny happy, but at the end it is always worth it especially for someone who love to build a friendship with their bunny.

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