Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips to take care of your rabbits

Just like any other rabbits breed, Netherland dwarf rabbits can always get kids attention easily. Kids love to play with them. However, also like any other type of rabbits, Netherland dwarf rabbits didn’t want to play all the time. They also need times to relax and do their own things.

Rabbits enjoy being with human. They love human’s attention but remember that rabbits don’t want to play all the time and sometimes they might want to do a different thing. Beside that, rabbits had a very sensitive noise and ear too. They didn’t really enjoy the smell of perfume and loud noise.

That info might be useful for peoples who have Netherland dwarf rabbits. Not matter what type of rabbits you own, it is always important for your family to know how to take care of rabbits.

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