Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Netherland dwarf bunny

You had to admit, if you own a Netherland dwarf bunny then one of the things that could make you feel happy is to see your bunny are happy having you as a owner.

So how do we know that our bunny is happy? If you own a Netherland dwarf bunny, pay close attention because this might be the kind of info that you don’t want to miss.

Bunny is happy if she:

Droop on her side. You might afraid something is wrong with her the first time you saw her doing this but not to worry, it just one of the ways she show you that everything is alright for her.

Spinning, jumping and running around. This is the sign that show you she is happy to have you as an owner and that mean you had did a good job.

A pets lover always feel happy when their pets is happy.


If the bunny is happy with you, it showed. Every bunny’s owner including those who own a Netherland dwarf bunny wants their bunny to be happy and healthy. And the only way to achieves this is by taking a good care of your Netherland dwarf bunny.

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  1. I don't comment but I think your opinion about netherland dwarf rabbit same as with me.