Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something for your Netherland dwarf rabbits

If you own Netherland dwarf rabbits, you probably want to give your bunnies a “gift” once in a while. Many pets owner will agreed that pets had make our life a little bit more wonderful and it is pretty important for us to make our pets more happier than they already is in return.

So what kind of “gift” should your bunnies have?

Bunny day
Netherland dwarf rabbits always need love and attention from their owner. It will be really great for them if their owner could play and give attention to them more than usually once in a while.

Don't forget to play with your Netherland dwarf rabbits more than usual once in a while even if you're busy with your work.



Been held in a hutch for too long could bring negative effect to Netherland dwarf rabbits. Your bunny will be more than happy to be allowed to run and jump freely.

Just like other kind of pets, Netherland dwarf rabbits need to be treated as a friend…because they are. Beside, a happy rabbit make you a successful pet owner.

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