Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rabbit hutch - toward more comfortable home for your little friend

It is always nice to have a rabbits as a pet. Besides been sociable, rabbit don’t really need much care. However, it is responsibility of the owner to provide their rabbit with some basic need such as healthy diet, toy to play with, and a home.

There are a few things to be considered if you’re planning to build or purchase a rabbit hutch. Keep in mind that you want your rabbit to have a good home. Things such as size and compartments is pretty important to make sure that your rabbit a having the right hutch.

1. First thing that we would like to consider before purchasing or building a rabbit hutch is the size. The preferable minimal size of your rabbit hutch should be at least 4time the size of your rabbit. Your rabbit love to play and running around, so it is required to provide them with the amount of space they need to do their activity.

2. Just like other pet, your rabbit will need a good rest. Make sure the bedding is comfortable enough could give your rabbit another point to be a happy pet. Since rabbits are known to love playing and chewing, you will need to make some chewing toys available for them too.

3. Another important thing to look into before purchasing or building a rabbit hutch is the compartment. A rabbit hutch needs to have a different area for your rabbit to sleep, eat and play. Putting hay and straw can make the hutch more comfortable and warm for your rabbits.

Having the right rabbit hutch for your rabbit is pretty important to make sure your pet become a good pet to you. Make sure you rabbit have a good home and remember that a bigger hutch is always better for your rabbit.

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