Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Netherland dwarf rabbits – is it essential for us to give them special care and treatment?

When we talk about having a rabbit as a pet, there will be a variety of breeds that we can choose from. One of the major attractions to have a pet rabbit is because of their cuteness. Most people prefer to have a small size pet rabbit which make Netherland dwarf rabbits a popular choice.

Because of the size of these Netherland dwarf rabbits, many are questioning whether this breed requires any kind of special care and treatment. Well, special care and treatment aren’t really necessary for taking care of a Netherland dwarf since generally their care is pretty much the same as other breeds.

However, there are a few things you should note:

One of the most common things that you should look out for is the dental problem. Because of their small head and short jaw, Netherland dwarf rabbits are more likely to have a dental problem which might lead to regular visit to the vet.

Due to their size, other pets in your home might look at dwarf rabbits as their prey. If you already have a cat/dog, a larger rabbit breed might be a good choice.

Netherland dwarf rabbits can easily become overweight because of their small size. You need to cautiously watch the amount of food you feed them.

Despite their small size, dwarf bunny care and treatment are generally the same as other breeds. There is however, a few things that you would need to take note. Just like other rabbits, Netherland dwarf rabbits are high maintenance pet and it require years of commitment.

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