Friday, March 2, 2012

4 reasons why Netherland dwarf rabbits could overcome other breeds popularity

There is a lot of rabbit’s breed available for peoples who want to have a pet’s rabbit. Netherland dwarf rabbits are one of them and might probably be one of the most popular choices. Netherland dwarf’s popularity didn’t come out of the thin air, there are a few reasons why it becomes one of the most popular rabbit’s breeds among pets lover.

One of the main reasons is the size of this breed. Many pets lover prefer small and cute animals for pets. Netherland dwarf rabbits only weight about 2 or 3 pounds. The small size make them more adorable although a huge space are still require for them to run and exercise.

This is not an actual Netherland dwarf rabbits, photo is used for illustration purpose only.

Netherland dwarf rabbits are known to have a gentle and playful personality. However they might be a little aggressive if they’re not spayed. For health reason, it is recommended that the bunny been spayed when they reach the age of 5 or 6 months old.

Due to the size of Netherland dwarf rabbits, they need everything less than other breeds. They need less cleaning and because of their size they only require small portion of food too.

Some peoples love it when they have variety of choices to choose from, so do pets lover. Dwarf rabbits are available in 36 different colors. Breeder are believed to been successfully mix them which make the variety of colors available even more remarkable. People who want to have a pet rabbit will have a lot of choices at the pet’s exhibition.

Peoples have their own reasons or story why they love certain type of animals or breeds. Beside commonly known reasons mentioned above, there could be a lot of other factors that boost the popularity of Netherland dwarf rabbits.

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