Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is it okay to let my Netherland dwarf bunnies run freely around the house?

Photo by Duchessoftea | CC
Pets is not just an animals, most people see their pets as part of their family. Because of this, most pets are let free by their owner to play around the house. What's more, pets such as cats and dogs seem smart enough not to mess up with their owner property or cause injury to themselves if they're let free. (Despite the fact sometime they do cause a few broken vase)

But that is for cats and dogs, how about a Netherland dwarf rabbit? Will it be OK for you to let your bunny play freely around the house? Or will your bunnies get lost or run away if you let it free around your home?

Since pets usually considered as part of the family, a lot of people would love the let their pet playing around freely. But for a Netherland dwarf rabbit, letting it out freely around the house without any supervision is NOT a bright idea.

There is a lot of problem that can occur if you let your bunny free without supervision. Unlike cats or dogs, Netherland dwarf rabbit is not smart enough to learn to stay in place. Because of their size, you might accidentally step on them if you didn't see them coming.

Also, you dwarf bunny might run away if somehow you forget to properly close the doors. Beside that, rabbit chewing behavior make it even more dangerous for them to play around the house without you to look over them. Imagine what will happen if you dwarf bunny is chewing an electrical wire.

As an owner of the rabbit, ofcouse we will want to let our bunny to play around freely. But it is not good for the bunny itself to let free without any supervision. A rabbit pet need it owner supervision and companion to stay safe and happy. Remember that we need to make the safety of our bunny as our priority.

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