Sunday, May 27, 2012

What can you use as bedding for your Netherland Dwarf rabbit?

An owner of Netherland dwarf rabbit like you will definitely want your rabbit to have a comfortable home. The right bedding for you bunny is important to make sure your rabbit is comfortable in his cage. Beside that, choosing the right bedding also important as some bedding are known to cause health problem to small animals such as dwarf rabbits.

There are some factors that you need to include into your consideration when you choose things that you want to use as bedding for your rabbit. This include the price of the bedding, whether the bedding is comfortable and suitable for small animals and whether the bedding have the odor control feature. Some bedding is able to control the odor a little, which is good for people who can't stand the odor of their rabbit.

So, what can you use as bedding for you bunny?

For a bunny that already litter trained, simple things such as small hand towel can make a good bedding. Other than that, you can also use hardwood bedding such as aspen chips or shavings. However, people said aspen isn't very good when it come to odor control, but it is easy to find and less expensive.

Nevertheless, Hardwood bedding recommended by a lot of people because it said that hardwood is safe for small animals like your rabbit. Hay can also be use as bedding for your rabbit, some people are using hay with hardwood for their bunny.

What's more, you can also use Yesterday's News as bedding for you bunny. Yesterday's News is good at odor control and what most importantly, economical. This product is actually produced as a cat litter, but it will make a good bedding for your rabbit.

However, there are some problems, some rabbit will chew the material you use for their bedding. Beside that, rabbit which is not yet litter trained is more likely to cause mess and you will need to clean the cage very often. If you're having these problems, you can litter train your rabbit and use things that they can safely chew as their bedding. Giving your rabbit some toys for them to chew might help too.

Using the right thing as bedding for your Netherland dwarf rabbit is pretty important to make sure your rabbit will be comfortable in his home. A safe and comfortable home is one of many factors that can make your bunny a much happier pet.

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