Monday, April 16, 2012

How high can a Netherland dwarf jump?

Small animals such as rabbits and hamster are not as smart or as obedient as dogs or cats. As a rabbit owner, you will have to watch over them as often as you can and if you're not home or out for work, you will need to put them in a hutch or rabbit pens for their own safety. Even when you're letting your bunny out at your back yard, you need to keep your eye on him/her to make sure s/he is OK.

However, small animals such as Netherland dwarf rabbits might except from your yard because of their ability to jump. If this ever happen, the rabbit might get lost or even get itself in danger by exposing itself to possible predator animals such as birds or dogs. This is obviously the kind of situation we want to avoid.

You probably worried that one day your bunny might jump out of the fence when you're letting it out to play around the yard and for some fresh air. So you might want to know how high could a dwarf rabbits jump. Netherland dwarf rabbit are not able to jump very high, some dwarf rabbits are able to jump as high as 3.5 feet only.

So if you're worried about your rabbit jumping out of the fence, making sure the fence are higher than 3.5 feet might help you to prevent your bunny from jumping out of the fence. A safer way to let your bunny out and get some exercise is by using an exercise pens. This can help to prevent your bunnies from running away when you get them outside.

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