Monday, April 16, 2012

Do Netherland dwarf rabbit like to be around people?

You probably thinking about adopting a pet into your family and Netherland dwarf rabbit are your top choice. But the only problem remain is not only you want a cute animals as your pet but you also want you pet to friendly and love to get around people.

It is understandable why a lot of people prefer to have a rabbit with playful personality and love to get around human. As you can see, rabbits are kept for companionship. While other kind of animals such as dogs are kept not only for companionship but also for protection purpose.

Since rabbit are kept for it companionship, it will only make sense if the rabbit itself love to get around you and appreciate you company back. So people find it important to know whether Netherland dwarf rabbit can get along with people around him/her, before they decide to adopt it as their pet.

Netherland dwarf rabbit is a very social animal. They love human companion and need to get around human as much as possible. If you're plan to put them on a cage. It is better for you to let them out every time you're at home and able to watch over them. Do interact with you rabbit often, a rabbit that had been in the cage for too long might become depress and even aggressive.

Netherland dwarf rabbit like to get around people and considered as a social breeds. A proper technique and approach can help the bunny to feel more comfortable being with you and can make it become even more playful when you're around.

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