Monday, April 16, 2012

Can Netherland dwarf get along with other rabbit breeds?

Some Netherland dwarf rabbit owners is so exited about getting their bunny some new friends. Maybe your neighbor own a rabbit just like you do, and you think you want to introduce them to each other. In fact, many rabbit owners think it is so adorable when their rabbit get along with other pet.

But what if your neighbor’s bunny are not from the same breed? Can a Netherland dwarf rabbit play along with other type of rabbit? Despite your excitement of course you don't want your rabbit to get in trouble or cause some trouble when introduced to the neighbor’s pet. 

They can get along some day but it going to take times. As you might already know, rabbit is a territorial animals and will try to show their domination over other rabbit especially if one of the rabbits are older or not neutered. However, a proper introduction to each other can help to get along nicely especially if one or both of the rabbits has been neutered. 

To introduce them to each other, it will be safer to have them meet on natural ground and let them see and get to know each other bit by bit. Do not put your rabbit into other rabbit's cage and expect them to play together nicely. That is unlikely to happen. And remember not to put non-spayed male and female rabbit together unless you're trying to do some rabbit breeding.

It is possible to get your rabbit to play along with other breed of rabbit. But you must do it slowly and cautiously. Do not try to force the relationship between your bunny and it “friend”. They will need some time to accept each other but there is chances that they will finally get along just fine. The idea is to let them know and trust each other.

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