Monday, April 16, 2012

How to litter train a Netherland dwarf

netherland dwarf bunny
Netherland dwarf photo by Duchessoftea | CC
That Netherland dwarf might be your best companion and always referred as the cutest thing you ever see but lets face it, who will be able to stand when your lovely and cute pets start to urinated all over the place you called home. Fortunately, in this post we going to talk about litter training your rabbit so you can put your bunny urinated behavior under control.

So, how do you litter train a Netherland dwarf? Actually, this is a pretty simple task

The things you will need
First, you will need to choose the place where you think is suitable for your bunny to dump it waste and you also going to need some pebbles too.

The Step

  • All you had to do is put the pebbles at the place where you want your bunny to dump it waste in the future.
  • Then put your rabbit on that location (where you put the pebbles) and wait for it to “do it business” or command your bunny to do it
  • If your bunny doing exactly what if it suppose to be, reward your bunny with some pet on it head or by scratching it nose.
  • You may repeat those steps to make sure your bunny is properly litter trained.

If you bunny get it right, you may give them some reward but do not give them food or treat as a reward. You don't want to make your bunny think pooping is a signal for requesting food. A simple pet on it head is pretty much enough.

Extra tips
If the dwarf rabbit doesn't do as it suppose to just let it be. Wait until a few minutes and try using this technique again. Try to avoid scolding your rabbit because this can make it scared of you and make the training become even harder, not to mention it will hurt your relationship with your bunny. Unlike cats or dogs, Netherland dwarf rabbit (or any type of rabbits) is suppose to be a hunted animals which is why it can get scared easily.

There is no doubt that a litter trained Netherland dwarf would be even more loveable that a bunny that just urinated all over our home. A simple training might help save you from a need to do some home cleaning work.

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