Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Netherland dwarf rabbit is peeing blood?

As an owner of Netherland dwarf rabbit, you always want to make sure your rabbit is in good health condition. But one day your rabbit is peeing something that look like blood! What could this possibly mean? Is your rabbit require immediate visit to the vet? Continue reading to find out more.

First thing first, do not panic. Being panic will not solve anything. As a start, you will need to observe. You need to be sure if your rabbit really is peeing blood. Sometime rabbit urine can turn out red due to certain factors such as things that s/he being eating lately. Yes, some food can cause the color of your rabbit's urine to become red.

What if your rabbit really is peeing blood?
If you find out your rabbit is actually peeing blood, or not sure whether it really is blood or not. It is best for you to take your rabbit to the vet, especially if your rabbit is not spayed. This is because a non-neutered rabbits are more likely at risk of getting uterine tumors.

Beside that, there is also possibility that your rabbit might have urinary tract infection. This is very dangerous for your rabbit since this kind of infection could cause death to a small animals such as rabbit. A visit to vet is definitely a must for this kind of situation. More info about this infection on this website

It's never a good sign when your Netherland dwarf rabbit is peeing blood. Do not hesitate to take your bunny to the vet. Peeing blood really is something to worried about because it could have been a sign of tumor and infection.

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