Friday, May 11, 2012

Should you put a collar on your Netherland dwarf rabbit?

It will be fun to put a collar on your Netherland dwarf rabbit, it even has bell too. A collar can help you to prevent your rabbit from running away when you take her/him out for some fresh air and maybe your bunny will even love the sound of it.

Beside that, you can easily spot her/him if your bunny get lost. That's why a lot of rabbit's owner want to put a collar on their bunny. However, as fun and helpful as it seem, it is really not a good idea to put a collar on your bunny.

It is very dangerous to put a collar on your rabbit. If your bunny get scared, it might break it own neck. Imagine how fast a rabbit run when it get scared, a collar pulling against the rabbit's neck at that kind of speed can cause injury.

If you want to take your rabbit out side for some fresh air and exercise, there is a safer alternative - a covered exercise pen. A covered exercise pen is a great piece of equipment as it can protect your rabbit and prevent it from running away or get lost.

What's more, some rabbit don't even like to go out side. So, if your Netherland dwarf rabbits are afraid to go out side, don't force your bunny. You don't want your rabbit to get stressed by forcing him/her to do something it don't want to do.

Sure, a collar will look cute on your bunny. But it can cause harm and very dangerous for your rabbit. When it come to rabbit care, safety is your number one priority. Unlike cats or dogs, a collar is not suitable for a rabbit.

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