Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will it smell when Netherland Dwarf Rabbit's pee on the carpet?

Dwarf bunny
Photo by Yuki Matsukura | CC
It doesn't matter what kind of animals you have as a pet, littering will always become one of the most common problem among pet owner. This same problem also occur among owner of Netherland dwarf rabbit.

As a pet owner, we always want to let our pet playing around our house. However, just like most animals, there is a possibility for your bunny to urinated around the house if you let it out of it hatch. Some people doesn't mind doing a little cleaning work but will it be smelly if your rabbit pee inside your home? especially on the carpet.

Yes, rabbit urine is going to smell. Ofcouse, if you don't mind you can also clean the carpet often but this will take a lot of your time. Beside that, if your rabbit somehow think the carpet as it litter spot s/he will keep doing it business on that carpet and the stains will eventually shown.

Luckily for you, there is a few simpler ways to handle this. The best option is to litter train your rabbit. Just like dogs and cats, rabbit can also be litter trained. Litter training a dwarf rabbit is not difficult too. Most rabbit owner little train their rabbit to prevent it from destroying the carpet and household items, you should too.

If you have not litter train your bunny yet, you can start today. It is not that hard to litter train a Netherland dwarf rabbit and there is a lot of tips on how to do it available all over the internet. A little effort today will pay you well in the future as there will be less odor and carpet cleaning work to do.

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